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Amberley Angels

Who are 'Amberley Angels'?


The Amberley Angels are a special group of Year Six children who are dedicated enough to spend their lunchtimes helping younger children in school. Their bright yellow waistcoats make them really easy to spot on a busy yard!


What is their special job?


They help to support positive behaviour and happy lunchtimes on our playgrounds. You'll find them each afternoon on the Key Stage 1 yard, mostly probably playing with, talking to and helping out the younger children. They do a super job and act as really positive role models for younger children in school.


How can pupils become an Amberley Angel?


All the children in Year 6 are invited to become an Amberley Angel. Those who are interested then have special training from the Local Authority’s Health & Well Being Team. This involves learning how to :

* help other children with their problems;

* be a good friend if someone is lonely; and

* lead fun games for younger pupils.

We are very proud of all our Amberley Angels for doing such a great job! indecision



Amberley Angels Timetable 2016-17

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