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Welcome to our Eco Page

Our Eco Warriors are celebrating the successful renewal of our Green flag! We are very happy and proud of our achievement - our third green flag!!


To gain the Green Flag Award our school had to be seen to be addressing the following nine elements:


  • Energy
  • Litter
  • School grounds
  • Waste minimisation
  • Global perspectives
  • Biodiversity
  • Water
  • Healthy living
  • Transport


We have an Eco Warrior team which comprises of two representatives elected from each class in Years 2 – 6. The team meets every half term to discuss current issues around the 9 elements and how they may be addressed in school.


Every new project undertaken at school takes environmental consequences into consideration as we try to minimize the impact on our environment.


To find out more about the Green Flag Award, go to: -





Gardening Summer 2016


 The gardening club has started again! So much has been planted - cabbages, radishes, beans, garlic and so much more.










We have continued to develop the garden.  










Thank you to the Eco Warriors and  grandparents who helped and to the amazing volunteers from BT who traveled a long way to help us.


Summer Fayre


Look at the garden - so many people visited  and commented on the garden during the Summer Fayre.





                                                                                                                                         Our first strawberry!


Amberley Grand Spring Clean Up 2015


On Friday, we cleaned up our school grounds.

​ In the morning, we had a massive litter pick of the school field, cleaned the school yards and washed all the outdoor toys. 



                                                 Waldo the dog and his environmental wardens came to help.











In the afternoon, the Eco Warriors, children, parents and grandparents tackled the garden.






                                                                                      Now we are ready to plant.


                                                                                  We are ready for the summer!

Global Perspectives

Year 4's topic this term is Rainforests. Look at what they are doing.



Last week they visited the Sunderland Winter Gardens.        

Our Eco Code