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Assessment Policy including Marking & Feedback 2017-18

Attendance Policy


Promoting School Attendance, Getting to School - On Time- Every Day!


We expect our pupils to attend school regularly and punctually. We believe that regular, full time attendance is essential for our pupils to be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and to establish good habits that will support them throughout their lives. High standards of attainment and achievement depend on good attendance. Missing a day from the school term can impact in many ways. Research shows that pupils with high levels of school attendance are more likely to benefit from education, achieve better exam results and go on to have more successful careers.

The whole school community – students, parents and carers, teaching and support staff and school governors – have a responsibility for ensuring good school attendance and have important roles to play. 


Absence and punctuality

We expect pupils to attend school every day unless they are ill or have to attend an appointment which cannot take place out of school time.

A reason for absence, which is appropriate, must be given. Both authorised and unauthorised absences will be recorded on end of term reports.

Leave of absence during term time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Requests must be made, in advance, to the Head Teacher using the forms available from the office. Please do not take your children out of school unless it is absolutely necessary as disruptions to time in school mean your child misses vital learning opportunities and may affect them socially and emotionally.


Did you know.......


1 day absent per week over the year = 2 months of lost learning!


If your child is 10 minutes late for school every day , they will have missed one whole week of school by the end of the year!

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