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MFL at Amberley


Bonjour! Bienvenue aux langues étrangères modernes à l'école primaire Amberley.


Curriculum Intent

The 2013 National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages aims to ensure that all children:

  • Understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources.
  • Are able to speak with increasing confidence and fluency, finding ways of communicating what they want to say, including through discussion and asking questions, and that they are continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.
  • Can write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt.
  • Discover and develop an appreciation of a range of writing in the language studied.

As detailed in our overall curriculum intent, French teaching at Amberley embraces all three of our core values: nurturing, innovation and aspiration.  At Amberley Primary, we believe that learning a

Modern Foreign Language helps to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain and provides them with the skills to participate in further education, work and other activities that are carried out in languages other than English. It is important to us that our pupils are given the advantage of acquiring another language to help them succeed in the international workplace and expose them to enriching opportunities and experiences in our globalized world. It has been proven that through learning another language, pupils receive many benefits including; improved memory, enhanced decision making and a greater awareness of our own language. Young children are particularly receptive to learning a new language and we aim to capture and fulfil this opportunity by teaching French from KS1 upwards.


As a school, we aim to inspire an enthusiasm for learning other languages and develop an interest in foreign cultures and life-styles. Although non-statutory, we begin by introducing children to French at KS1 and develop their French speaking, listening, reading and writing skills throughout their primary education through exciting lessons and enrichment opportunities such as ‘French Club’ and our fantastic annual trip to Normandy, France.


Curriculum Implementation:

At Amberley Primary School, children are introduced to French in KS1 where they receive 45 minute lessons as part of their regular curriculum. This enables the children to develop early language acquisition skills that facilitate their understanding of the patterns of language and how these differ from, or are similar to, English. This is continued throughout KS2 where children continue to develop their speaking and listening skills whilst progressing onto reading and writing units. Our staff use the North Tyneside Scheme of Work for Languages to inform their planning and ensure continuity and progression across our MFL curriculum.


The schemes of work are carefully designed to ensure that children progress in their language learning by revisiting vocabulary and grammar they have already learnt in an increasing range of contexts and structures to help embed the vocabulary and grammar they have learned into their long term memory. As children become more competent in using the French language, they are encouraged to manipulate language more independently and explore differences between French and English. 


French at Amberley comprises of many different kinds of teaching and learning to provide our pupils with an engaging and interactive learning experience. Different lessons may include:

  • Direct teaching through whole-class or small group sessions. 
  • The use of interactive games and activities. 
  • Opportunities for pupils to apply their learning in a variety of ways e.g. reading and writing independently or with others or communication activities in pairs or small groups. 


To deliver the curriculum effectively, staff utilise a range of resources such as iPads, flash cards, games and visual aids. We also encourage a lot of active learning through the use of games, songs, rhymes, storytelling and role play to help bring French to life in our classrooms! 


To promote a love of language learning in our school we provide additional opportunities for children to explore the French language and culture including an annual French Club. This provides children with the opportunity to explore French culture, art, music, food and more whilst reinforcing language and communication skills learnt in the classroom. We were also happy to welcome Lola Sevén, a specialist French language assistant, who delivered a range of lessons and activities across KS1 and KS2 that helped our children to develop a deeper understanding of the French language and culture. Each year, our Year 6 pupils are also given the opportunity to put their skills to practice on our annual trip to Normandy, France.  During this trip, our pupils visit historical sites that link to their class topics, immerse themselves in French culture and apply their skills and understanding in a real life context. We would hope that all students who wish to attend this trip are able to do so; financial  support may be available to families. Please speak to the Head Teacher if this is a concern.


Curriculum Impact

The impact of our MFL curriculum is that children are encouraged to understand the relevance of what they are learning in languages and how it relates to everyday life, for example, how it could help them in another country or to talk to a French speaker. Our MFL curriculum ensures that children develop their knowledge of where different languages (including the range of home languages spoken by the families of the school) as well as French, are spoken in the world.


At Amberley Primary School, we assess children’s work by observing pupils in lessons and during individual or paired work. We also use written evidence in French books as well as recorded verbal evidence to inform our judgements of each child’s current stage of learning and language development. This is subsequently used to plan support and challenge accordingly to ensure all children are encouraged to reach their full potential through the provision of varied opportunities.


Knowledge Organisers

A Knowledge Organiser containing key vocabulary and learning for each unit is provided at the start of the unit. These are collated into the children's books where they can refer back to them as necessary. This is especially useful in new topics when referring back to prior knowledge


See below for a link to view all Knowledge Organisers for all year groups. 


Links to useful websites: Fun online games covering a range of topics

                             Games, stories and online lessons

                                     bbc bitesize    Online learner guides, games and quizzes

                             Lots of fantastic games to support your learning in class.                                             Speak to your teacher for the school's password to play at home.


Pupil voice:
















Y4 French Club had a great time making pain perdu (French toast).


French club loved learning to play the French accordion and about its place in French music and culture. 


French club also enjoyed tasting a range of French cuisine and comparing it to the food we enjoy at home. Nous avons aimé le fromage!


Sample Itinerary for France Trip


Monday Depart 22:00 on Sunday for overnight journey to Folkestone for Eurotunnel crossing. Arrive in France and travel to Honfleur for a brief stop off. Continue to Chateau du Baffy and check-in. Evening meal.
Tuesday After breakfast, depart accommodation for visits to Arromanches Landing Museum and Arromanches 360 cinema. After lunch, visit a local cider farm. Return to the Chateau du Baffy for your evening meal.
Wednesday After breakfast, depart accommodation for visits to Bayeux Market, Bayeux Tapestry and take a ride on Le Petit Train de Bayeux. Return to the Chateau du Baffy for your evening meal. 
Thursday After breakfast depart accommodation for visits to American Cemetery and Omaha Beach before heading to the German Cemetery at La Cambe. Continue to local biscuit factory before visiting Les Escargots de l'Odon and La Chevrerie du Mesnil. Return to the Chateau du Baffy for your evening meal then, after dinner, head out to a local bowling alley. 
Friday After breakfast check-out from the Chateau du Baffy and depart for Calais. Connect with your Eurotunnel crossing back to Folkestone before continuing your journey back to school. 


French Teaching and Learning Profile